Classic GLS Lamp

Ledlite Classic GLS LED lamp

A warm and welcoming glow for your home. Perfect for those long, dark winter nights.

Ideally suited to the home environment, the Ledlite GLS lamp is a re-work of the traditional 60W tungsten bulb. Using just 7 Watts of power, the classic GLS lamp creates outstanding light with no modifications to your original fittings.

Our lamps are specially engineered to recreate the lighting effects of a conventional bulb while delivering savings of up to 85%.

Light output @ 624lm (7 Watt)

Light output @ 360lm (5 Watt)

Available Options

  • Models

  • Bayonet Cap (BC)
  • Edison Screw (ES)
  • Colour Temperatures

  • Warm White

Technical Specifications

  • Length108mm
  • Diameter60mm
  • Voltage Range110-240VAC
  • Beam Angle360°
  • Rated Load5W, 7W
  • Lumens Output624lm (7W)
  • Warm White2700K - 3000K
  • Guarantee3 Years