Our Technology

At Ledlite, we use advanced LED technology to bring you lighting solutions that are among the brightest in the sector.

Why Ledlite?

We offer lamps that use superior LED technology, creating a more efficient, brighter light. With at least a 2 year warranty and outstanding levels of brightness, Ledlite is the choice of the trade and beyond.

The technology used in LED lighting is changing rapidly and now offers a far greater level of illumination compared to hugely inefficient incandescent lamps. Our lamps are flicker free and deliver a high colour rendering index (CRI) figure that enables you to see your environment in its natural light. Once you have made the switch, you will want to use LED lighting in every area of your environment.

Outstanding Brightness

Our lamps produce a brilliant level of brightness, delivering impressive lumens output per Watt across the range.

For example, our IP66 Fire Rated Downlights deliver 980 lumens with just 13.8 Watts of power.

Stack coins and gu10 LED lamp

Save Up To 85%

Ledlite can save you save up to 85% on your energy consumption when compared to a traditional bulb with the same light output.

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Independently Tested

We are so positive about our products that we are willing to have our lighting claims independently tested by Photometric and Optical Testing Services.

To ensure consistency, each test is conducted at 1 metre so we can publish an accurate lumens figure that is transferable to the home environment. This means that the lumens figure stated, is the lumens figure you will get to enjoy for thousands of consistent hours.

Environmentally Friendly

When you switch to Ledlite you are not only making a sound financial choice, you are also helping to improve the environment for generations to come.

Reduced CO2

Using Ledlite means that you will be using less energy and in turn, generating less damaging CO 2 emissions.

Zero Mercury

Previous generation energy efficient lamps contained toxic levels of mercury causing disposal problems. Ledlite contains ZERO MERCURY.

Extended Life

With an average lifetime of 15,000 hours, Ledlite products require to be changed less frequently and in turn this generates less waste.

Precise Illumination

Ledlite use cutting edge Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) and Chip On Board (COB) technology.

These deliver exceptional lumen figures and offer the choice of wide or narrow beam angle.

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Your Ideal Setting

Selecting the right Ledlite product for your setting is easy.

Using the Kelvin Scale you can select the precise colour of illumination that is suitable for you; ranging from dimmable warm and homely soft light to brilliant clear daylight white.